Dani and Lizzy - My Love Will Never Die (Explicit Official Video)

Dani and Lizzy - My Love Will Never Die (Explicit Official Video)

My Love Will Never Die - Music Video by Dani and Lizzy © 2021 604 Records Inc. #DaniandLizzy #TheOpening #MyLoveWillNeverDie Prod. By Dannie Wormwood Additional Sound Effects from https://www.zapsplat.com Listen to 'My Love Will Never Die"' the new single by Dani and Lizzy https://smarturl.it/MyLoveWillNeverDie​ Buy it here: http://bit.ly/3aPn2UX Follow Dani and Lizzy here: https://www.facebook.com/Daniandlizzy... https://twitter.com/DaniandLizzy https://instagram.com/daniandlizzy We acknowledge the financial support of FACTOR, the Government of Canada, and Canada’s private radio broadcasters. Nous reconnaissons le soutien financier de FACTOR, le gouvernement du Canada, et des radiodiffuseurs privés du Canada. Produced By: Dani and Lizzy Music Inc Co- Directed By: Dani Nelson, Lizzy Nelson, Kaas Cross, Keiko Matsumoto Dance Choreographer: Natasha Gorrie Camera 1: Kaas Cross Camera 2: Keiko Matsumoto Production Assistants: Dave Nelson, Linda James, Matt Towler Costume Designers: Dani Nelson, Lizzy Nelson, Mimi Nelson Stylists: Carlie Wong, Okalani Lablanc Hair/ Make up: Elisha Williams Dancers: Alyssa Amarshi, Anna Calderon, Balraj Sandhu, Courtney Calnan, Edro Gonzales, Jarrett Coulington, Karina Chumachemka, Lavnia De Leeuw, Lauren Hofmann, Tegvaran Sooch Location: Sniperz Paintball LYRICS My Love Will Never Die (Explicit) Lock and load, take the shot, there's nothin' left to lose, Yeah Hot and cold, standin' off, somebody make a move We've found ourselves in a battlefield, so say what you need to say Air your grievances, spare no feelings, let's go out in a blaze Pre Chorus I'll say that I hate you, you'll say that you hate me I'll manipulate you; you'll manipulate me I'll tell you that I love you, you'll tell me that you love me Scream, yell and fuck baby, let's go fucking crazy Chorus I love you If we don't make it out alive Know, I love you If we end right here, or we make it through the night I love you Forever till the test of time, test of time My love will never die My love will never die Rock the boat baby, say some shit, let's get down to the truth, yeah It's Rock 'n' Roll baby, break some shit, I wanna break shit too This love right here's worth fighting for, I'm crazy in love with you (You) 'Cuz ain't nobody, crazy like me or crazier than you Pre Chorus... Chorus... Ooh ooh ooh ooh Seize fire My love will never die, never die, never die Shots fired My love will never die, never die My love will never die, die Chorus... Won't die My love won't die Love will never die Love will never die

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